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Cat’s Eye Stone (Lehsunia) & Lab Certified Gemstone

The Cat’s Eye Stone (Lehsunia) is a distinct gemstone due to the reason of its offbeat color in comparison to other stones. The second thing that draws the attention to this stone is its association with the dominant planet Ketu that in reality does not have any physical significance in the solar system.Despite being its absence in the solar panel physically, yet, this planet has conferred the status of one of the most influential Planet by virtue of its fascinating metaphysical properties that has been praised by human beings. This stone is rewarded with the status of the fastest acting planet. By the reason of this, people crave to adopt cat eye stone.

  • The cat’s  Eye Stone is an unmistakable gemstone because of the reason of its odd shading in contrast with different stones.
  • Then the very next thing that attracts the thoughtfulness regarding this stone is its relationship with the predominant planet of Ketu.
  • This is a planet that in all actuality does not have any physical criticalness in the close planetary system.
  • Then also somehow, this planet has presented the status of a standout amongst the most powerful Planets by temperance of its entrancing mystical properties that has been lauded by individuals.
  • This stone is remunerated with the status of the quickest acting planet. By the reason of this, individuals long for to receive cat’s eye stone.
  • Cat’s Eye Gemstones- The 10 Most Important Benefits To It!
  • One can get through with great results once they decide to wear the same.
  • Their life is never the same again.
  • With expert advice and absolutely great care, they must make the best of the gemstones, nevertheless.
  • One very famous gemstone any day is the Cat’s eye.
  • This has got its name from the way it looks, just like the eye of a cat.
  • This protects its wearer from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers and diseases.
  • It is normally milky in color.
  • The gem is very hot in nature.
  • In the event that it does not suit the wearer, the gem sometimes gives immediate signals like uneasiness, restlessness etc.
  • The Cat’s Eye is supposed to counter the evil effects of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars.
  • It may prevent unexpected mishaps of life, curing mania, paralysis etc. It protects the wearer from accidents and secret enemies.

For businessmen, it is a miraculous result-giving stone, bestowing wealth by secret means like horse racing, gambling ,stock exchange market.

  • Purpose:
    To remove mental stress, attain wealth and good luck
  • How to Wear:
    In a silver/gold ring on the right hand’s middle finger or ring finger of the working hand
  • Symbolizes:
    Liberation, Abstract Thinking, Asceticism, Healing, Wisdom


Being an opaque gem poses certain difficulties in differentiating the natural gem from artificial material. One striking difference which one can tell after some experience of seeing natural Cat’s Eye Gems is that the artificial Cat’s Eye will be too clear and the Cat’s Eye effect will be too marked.

But a closer examination under magnification will show signs of natural gem-like small marks, grains of stone and the small irregularities below the polished surface. The lower part of a Cat’s Eye is not polished, but only ground, so one can see the roughness of the s                    

Benefits of wearing cat’s eye gemstone:

  • Wearing cats eye stone unblocks the innumerable channel of earning quick money.
  • Consequently, a person can wear this stone to ensure and reinforce the luck of a person to earn instant wealth.
  • Those individuals who adore taking chances in life; especially, individuals in the field of trading share market and gambling should wear this stone to enhance their chances of winning.
  • Cat’s eye stone or lehsunia stone restores excellent healing properties that will guard a person against ghosts and evil eyes
  • Wearing cat’s eye stone will mitigate the brain diseases and assist a person to overcome depression and gloom.
  • Wearing this stone endow great vision to its wearer and improve the visibility and memory power.
  • Disinterest in food or anorexia can be resolved by wearing this stone.
  • The Ketu does that is acknowledged as being one of the worst and longest remaining Dasha that last around 18 years will be soothed by wearing cats eye stone.
  • The cat eye gemstone is nominated as an auspicious gem that can be worn to ward-off against cancer and other life-threatening diseases

Cat’s Eye Stone (Lehsunia)

  • Cats Eye stone benefits most during the Dasa or the malefic phase of Ketu, the headless body of the shadow planet ‘Rahu’.
  • Cats eye stone effects the health conditions of its wearer positively. It is believed that sudden health related traumas requiring crucial surgeries are mostly caused due to the malefic effects of Ketu in one’s horoscope and wearing cat eye stone benefits in nullifying the negative effects of Ketu.
  • Wearing Cats Eye results in the growth of a person’s wealth and improves their financial conditions.
  • Cats Eye gemstone benefits the business or the professional life of its wearer. It is known to revive declining Businesses or financial ventures.
  • Cats Eye protects its wearer from road accidents, envy of their foes, debts, poverty and other such diabolical situations.
  • Ketu is considered a spiritual and religious planet. One of the benefits of wearing cat’s eye gemstone is that a person feels content, detached from worldly desires and interested in spirituality.

How to Wear

Usually, gemstones are worn under astrological guidelines. It is necessary to follow Vedic rituals or procedures that need to be adhered to, for optimized benefits. To add further information about the Cat’s Eye stone or Lehsunia Stone, it should be studded in a ring or a pendant molded from Silver, White Gold, Platinum, or Panchdhatu metal. The Middle finger of the right hand is best suited to enhance the power of planet Ketu. A Tuesday morning of the auspicious Shukla Paksha tithi should be observed to adorn Cat’s Eye stone or Lehsunia Stone, as is suggested by our experts.

Cat’s Eye Stone (Lehsunia) Gemstone wearing procedure

Cat’s Eye is associated with the vengeful Ketu planet, which represents the South Node of the Moon. Hence, the stone needs to be worn as per proper rituals and guidance suggested by proficient astrologers. You can follow the right procedure of wearing Cat’s Eye by consulting our Vedic scholars.

Generally, it is expected from the wearer to adorn this gemstone either on a Tuesday or Thursday. The ideal weight of the stone should be between 3 to 7 rattis or carats. The preferred metal to stud Cat’s Eye is Silver, Platinum, White Gold, or Panchdhatu. Before wearing it in the Middle finger of the working hand, the stone should be immersed in a bowl filled with Panchamrut mainly consisting of curds, raw cow milk, ghee, honey, and Gangajal. After cleansing it again with water, the stone must be worshipped with flowers, vermillion, dhoop, and incense sticks to invoke special blessings from deities.

Cat’s Eye Stone Wearing Mantra

After Cat’s Eye gemstone is molded and ready to be worn, it should be sanctified and attuned as per Holy rituals. Cleansing helps to cast away negativities contained within the stone, and attuning enhances the power of the planet to which the gemstone is associated. Ketu is the significator of Cat’s Eye, and therefore, the mantra given below should be chanted 108 times:
“Om Pram Preem Sah Ketave Namah”
“ऊॅ प्रम प्रीम साह केतवे नमः”

How To Wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone Ring

Cat’s Eye stone or Lehsunia Stone is very powerful and gets instantly activated the moment an individual wears it. It is advisable to wear the stone in the Middle finger of the right or working hand. However, people who are left-hand workers can also wear it in the middle finger of the left hand. The Cat’s Eye studded in Silver or Panchdhatu ring should weigh between 3 to 7 carats and molded with a back portion opening for powerful rays to generate from the finger to all parts of the body. Besides.